BrewBoat Gift Cards

Consider your stockings officially stuffed!

Drink. Pedal. Float… Give!

Ahoy Santa,

The holiday season is a special time of year, full of deliciously spiced ales, sparkling mounds of lake-effect snow and (hopefully) an out-of-control office party or two. And then there’s that warm, fuzzy feeling of knowing that you’re the undisputed champ of gift giving at every possible opportunity. That’s where we come in. BrewBoat gift cards won’t just warm the cockles off your friends and family this year, it’ll also give them something to look forward to next summer in those bleak winter months ahead. Win, win!

Click the button to purchase in increments of $35 (one ticket), $70 (two tickets), $140 (four tickets), or go nuts and pick your own dollar amount. Cheers!