It’s a weird, hybrid bike-boat-bar thing …Who wouldn’t have questions?

Got a BrewBoat Question? Here are some answers to the ones we’re asked the most.

Booking Questions

What is BrewBoat CLE?

BrewBoat CLE is Ohio’s first and only human-powered cycleboat!

A 31-foot-long catamaran (hey, that’s fun to say … catamaran), the BrewBoat is propelled through the water by a large rear paddle wheel that’s powered by the pedaling of our riders! We can accommodate up to 14 guests (10 at pedal stations surrounding a central mahogany bar and 4 others on comfortable bench seating) and embark on daily cruises on the waters of the Cuyahoga River through Downtown Cleveland and beyond.

How much does it cost?

Full boat rentals (for up to 14 passengers) are $429+tax for weekday cruises and $449+tax for weekday cruises. Individual tickets are also available for $35+tax.

Please Note: We need at least 8 passengers on board for a cruise to be able to sail. (The more, the merrier!) If you’re the first to book a cruise time, a minimum purchase of 6 tickets is required to avoid possible cancellations for low ridership.

How many people can ride the BrewBoat?

BrewBoat CLE can safely accommodate up to 14 passengers per cruise, with a maximum weight capacity of 2,960 pounds. Seating includes 10 pedal stations surrounding the central bar and a comfortable bench for 4 non-pedalers.

Sounds awesome! How do I book a tour?

Whether your purchasing individual tickets ($35 per person) or reserving the entire vessel for your group ($429 for up to 14 passengers), booking your BrewBoat CLE cruise is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Go to our booking page and select your date/time.
  2. Choose either a full boat rental or individual tickets and checkout with a credit card using our 2048-bit encrypted payment platform.
  3. Read and electronically sign your waiver.

General Cruise Questions

Where do we board?

We’ll pick up you (and your group) at our dock at Channel Park Marina, 5300 Whiskey Island, Cleveland, OH 44102

As you enter the marina, turn right past the guard booth, and free parking will be available on your immediate right, directly across from our dock.

Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled cruise time.

Can I drink aboard BrewBoat CLE?

Of course! We don’t call it the BrewBoat for nothing.

For our standard cruises, each passenger is permitted to bring 36oz of beer or 18oz of wine. This means you can bring three 12oz cans OR a 32oz growler per person. You could also bring a 6-pack of beer or full bottle of wine to share between two people. Absolutely NO liquor is allowed on board.

We recommend canned beer, as anything in a glass container will need to be transferred to our super-classy plastic cups (which we will provide).

Do you provide any food or beverages?

With the exception of a few specialty tours, BrewBoat CLE is strictly BYOB and BYOFood.

Save yourself time by purchasing your drinks and snacks directly from Channel Park Marina’s Sea Store when you arrive. The Sea Store stocks most major domestic beers and keeps their coolers at a frosty 30°.

For more on what you can/should bring, check out the aptly named “What You Can/Should Bring” section of the About Us page.

Do I need to bring a cooler or ice?

Nope. The BrewBoat has 4 large coolers built right into the bar that come fully stocked with ice for your cruise.

Is there a bathroom on board?

Ah, the golden question! The BrewBoat only has an emergency bathroom on board (it’s a bucket with a seat, baby!), so please plan accordingly! Based our own on extensive research, we’ve refined our route time to a length that works for almost every bladder, and we make sure to remind our guests to go before the cruise at the marina.

How long is a cruise?

Regular cruises run approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes from beginning to end, including a quick safety  spiel before we embark.

Is it difficult to pedal?

Not at all. There are no hills to go up out on the water, and we can raise or lower the paddle wheel to reduce or increase resistance.

Are kids allowed to ride?

Regular BrewBoat cruises are 21 and over. Minors age 16 and older may be permitted to ride on private full boat rental cruises only (please call to confirm), and may be required to wear life jackets. Each minor must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Do you provide the driver?

We sure do. All BrewBoat Captains are US Coast Guard master certified for passenger vessel operation.

Does BrewBoat CLE do private parties?

Do them? We specialize in them! We take pride in tailoring every private, full boat rental to your party’s specific wants and needs.

Whether you’re bringing your bachelorette party or looking for a unique brand of corporate teambuilding, be sure to let us know how we can make your cruise special in the comments/requests section during checkout.

Can I leave a tip for the crew?

If you enjoy your ride, tip your guide! Suggested gratuity is $5 per passenger or 15% for full boat rental.

Cancellation Questions

What is your cancellation policy?

Reservations are non-refundable and non-reschedulable. We reserve the right to cancel a tour at any time due to weather, safety, mechanical or behavioral issues.

If your tour is cancelled, we will attempt to reschedule you for an alternate date/time or provide you with a full refund (excluding behavior-related cancellations).

What's the minimum number of riders needed operate the BrewBoat?

As few as 6 riders can pedal the boat, but we typically won’t cruise with less than 8.

We will contact you if there are less than 8 seats booked for your time slot.  If the cruise has to cancel due to this minimum, we will refund your payment if we are unable to reschedule your reservation.

What if it is raining on the day of my cruise?

The BrewBoat will usually sail in light rain, thanks to a collapsible canopy that covers the entire deck.

In the case of extreme weather (if thunder, lightening or heavy winds are present) the captain reserves the right to cancel the tour. If your tour is cancelled, we will attempt to reschedule you for an alternate date/time or provide you with a full refund.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.


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